Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

PACU is a totally cool place to work.  We get to see all kinds of people.  It’s a privilege to be part of their lives.  Let’s face it PACU nurses ROCK!   We are good looking too.  Never you mind that all of our patients are drugged up to their eyeballs.  Patients look at us with “beer goggles” on.  It’s awesome.  Good for one’s ego.  We’ve been asked out, told we are well preserved (not the best compliment), asked what time we get off work,  can we go home with them, flirted with shamelessly, that we dress nice (it’s the sexy scrubs) and basically put upon a pedestal with our hair flowing and our golden crowns shinning.   Even if it is a tainted view point.  We are all hot mamas as evidenced by the above and the following.

It was a quiet and calm day in PACU.  Oxygen pumping into patient’s noses or mouths creating a nice hummmmm.  A zen like feeling.  Every nurse had a patient.  wolfie1Suddenly a middle aged man sat up from his stretcher and shouted,   “did you see that!  Wow”!  At first I remained calm.  No response from me other than a slight glance in his direction.   Maybe he’s a little off.  Possibly Tourettes. Back to work.  Shattering the silence again he says,  “look at the ass on that one” as he gawked at a nurse walking by.  Was he whistling? Should I walk by him?  What if he doesn’t say anything?   I wonder what he’d say about my ass.  Damn.  I’ll never know. He falls back asleep.

A short time later he wakes.  His nurse is preparing for another round of expletives.   He looks at her blankly.  She tells him his surgery is over.  Everything went well.  She asks, “how do you feel?”

He answers, “fine.  I feel fine.”  Not believing that the surgery is over he asks in a timid voice, “am I really all done?”  His nurse reassures him that all is well and that it is over.

His wife comes into PACU.  The patient is unhooked from the monitor.  IV discontinued. Discharge instructions discussed.  He walks out with his wife.  No mention of his decorative descriptions of the nurses or the “wolf whistling”.  His secret is safe with us. Wink!

TIDBIT  In the 1820’s Henry Hill Hickman experimented with nitrous oxide for an anesthetic.   I wonder if that created some entertaining comments from patients. .  Nitrous Oxide is still used today.  Another name for it is laughing gas.  Need I say more.





About florencewannabe

I'm a registered nurse trying to work 1000 hours in 2014 to earn my pension. Currently, May 28,2014, I'm 455.5 hours into my goal. I have until Dec. 31, 2014 to get 544.5 hours of work. The catch is that I work per Diem and I don't have any guaranteed time.
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