Just Say No

just-say-noThis post is not about saying no to drugs.  It’s about me saying NO to the job which was offered to me due to the fact that one of my co workers is retiring soon.  For the record I did not accept the job for 3 days per week plus call at least one night a week and every 5th weekend.    I would lose my per diem extra $2/hour.  A decrease in my base pay.     If I’m going to turn my life upside down and be willing to go into work at a moments notice, drive miles in all kinds of weather, interrupt my sleep and disturb my home life I would have to be financially compensated.


Human Resources didn’t see it that way.  Nor did they negotiate. Perhaps they don’t value ME as much as I thought they should.    In spite of the fact that I love my current job (most of the time) it is not the “cat’s meow”!  In other words it’s not a high paying job that I would be willing to bend over backwards to take.

I have no hard feelings. In fact I’m relieved and feel lucky I’m in a position that I can say no.  I did learn a tough lesson though.  Perhaps the hospital asks more and more of their staff without reward?   I don’t know and I don’t want to get on a band wagon either.  It makes me wonder.  Maybe this is part of why employees leave the hospital?

I will work as hard and often as I can including taking day time call.  Truly I feel like most of co workers and boss are being extremely helpful. (Of course there are some who couldn’t care less.  Another post….another time).   In spite of differences 16 women can have, we are a team.   When the going gets rough (example; a patient starts circling the drain) we play well together.

In the meantime…… ♫  I’m wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’.  Plannin’ and dreamin’ of being vested for the rest of my lifeeeeee….♫


 TIDBIT     Benefits were started in the 1940’s so I doubt that Florence Nightingale got benefits.





About florencewannabe

I'm a registered nurse trying to work 1000 hours in 2014 to earn my pension. Currently, May 28,2014, I'm 455.5 hours into my goal. I have until Dec. 31, 2014 to get 544.5 hours of work. The catch is that I work per Diem and I don't have any guaranteed time.
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