In Charge


I don’t know how this happened.  What in the world.  I was “in charge” from 4 pm-7 pm.  I am not an “in charge” type of nurse.   People were asking me what to do, where to go, and my head was starting to spin.  Then I snapped and took control!   I commanded, “no one leave!  We have nine more patients to come out and it’s already 3 pm”.

Alpha nurse was in charge until 4 pm.  She was running around telling everyone, “I’m leaving and Flo’s in charge.  Be nice to her.  Help her out.”  She was wheeling,dealing and whispering. I don’t know what she was saying to them, but at that moment I saw a halo around her head.   She left and I was in charge of a bunch of nurses at the end of their shifts.  I had to figure out what the “hey” to do.


First, nurse Smart as Whip got her ICU patient up the his room before she went home.  I thanked her profusely.   Then nurse Jellie Jewel stayed half an hour late to get her patient situated before I took report from her.   Nurse Jewel left, changed out of her scrubs and came back into PACU to help me with a “situation” regarding my patient.  She’s a gem!!

A sudden admission for my patient due to pain and nausea.  That’s when my back started to hurt.  Alpha had worked out a deal with one of my co-worker’s, nurse Red Pleather Pants.  She stayed well beyond her shift to get her patient up to their ICU room.  I love her dearly.  At this moment I loved all of them dearly.

Nurse Humming Bird was buzzing around taking care of business.   Her patient was all set, wrapped up and discharged.  Whewwwww.

Lastly nurse Chatter Box said she would stay late and help me finish up.  Oh GOD almighty I love these women!!


Alpha called to see to if she should come back and help me wrap up.  I said, “oh no.  Chatter is staying to help.  Seriously you don’t have to come back.  We are finishing up and we’ll be outta here soon.”  I had to be firm with her about not coming back.

Quite suddenly nurse Tall Skinny Red-Head came around the corner.  She said,  “I’m back! You said to come back at 6 pm.  You said you’d need me.”


Just then the phone rings.  It’s the floor saying  there is an emergency admit and that my patient would have to go to another floor.    What could I do?  I certainly couldn’t demand that they take my patient and take her fast or I was going to lay on the floor and kick my feet!

My neck started to ache.

Nurse Red-Head and nurse Chatter Box worked it out.  Chatter willingly went home.  To tell the truth in spite of my love for Chatter  if I had to listen to her talk one more minute I was going to split a gut.

Nurse Red-Head and I worked independently and quietly.  Her patient went home.  Mine went to a room.  We tidied up and put the charges in the computer.

Being “in charge” was not so bad.   Once again I have a new insight on the  nursing process.  I’m looking forward to being “in charge” again.  NOT!!!

TIDBIT  I’ve been enlightened.  Explanation to follow in another post.


About florencewannabe

I'm a registered nurse trying to work 1000 hours in 2014 to earn my pension. Currently, May 28,2014, I'm 455.5 hours into my goal. I have until Dec. 31, 2014 to get 544.5 hours of work. The catch is that I work per Diem and I don't have any guaranteed time.
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One Response to In Charge

  1. Helen Hakala says:

    Oh you make me chuckle!!~ you did a wonderful job being in charge!! Love, the “hummingbird”


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